Is CBD Oil For Cats Effective?

Is CBD Oil For Cats Effective? The relationship we form with our furry companions is one that lasts a lifetime. Although cats are known to be rugged creatures, humans still manage to establish a loving bond with them. It’s a bond that started 10,000 years ago, during the Egyptian times. Read more about it here: It turns out that our great ancestors also love cuddling with the great ancestors of our cats!

The emotional relationship we have with our beloved cats runs deep. That is why when they fall ill; we humans also suffer from great discomfort.

As cat owners, we want our kitties to receive the best treatment possible. We often seek alternative treatments before considering chemical drugs and medication. One such alternative medicine is the CBD or Cannabidiol Oil.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is a non-psychotropic constituent of the industrial hemp, a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant.  It is the second most abundant component of the cannabis plant and constitutes about 40% of its extract. A cannabis plant varies in the THC or CBD it contains. Thus, making CBD highly different from THC especially in their psychological and medicinal effects to both humans and animals. It can be used in the form of CBD treats for dogs and CBD edibles, gummies for humans.

CBD is a non-toxic compound. It is devoid of any psychological effects that THC has been famous for. Cannabidiol has a plethora of neuronal health benefits like its calming and anti-anxiolytic properties. Other positive effects include:

  • Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Regulates posture, movement, and cognitive function
  • Combat mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and psychosis
  • Beneficial to people with obesity, kidney fibrosis, and metabolic disorders

Cannabidiol is sold in different dosages and forms. There are oils, creams, capsules, and edibles.


THC and CBD came from the marijuana plant and industrial hemp, respectively. They are both species of family Cannabis. They are physically similar in looks but their chemical constituents are different.

Both plants contain a substance called cannabigerol (CBGA). But, only the marijuana plant contains an enzyme that can convert CBGA into THC. The THC substance is what makes recreational marijuana intoxicating. It binds to the specific receptors in our brain to induce its psychoactive effects.

On the other hand, the hemp plant only contains an enzyme that converts CBGA into CBD which is the medicinal form.

Benefits of CBD for cats

Hemp-derived CBD is the safest form of cannabidiol that most pets can use. You can visit your trusted veterinary shops and pet stores to try CBD oil for your furry cats. Make sure to consult your vet regarding the right dosage and form of CBD that your cats can use.

CBD oil has countless medical benefits. Some are as follows.

  1. Reduces inflammation and pain

    The common woe of pet parents is seeing their fur babies suffer from serious conditions like arthritis, pancreatitis, and joint pain. The older our cats get, the more likely they are to acquire these ailments.

    Using CBD Oil from Serenity Store for pets can improve and ease their painful situation. Aside from its pain-relieving properties, it can also stop inflammation and its ability to spread to neighboring body parts. It also potentiates the effect of specific enzymes that suppresses further tissue injury.

  2. Regulates mental health and mood problems

    Like humans, cats are also prone to experience mental illnesses like anxiety, and depression.

    CBD has been proven to be effective in reducing the above-mentioned illnesses alongside insomnia and other psychotic disorders. It acts by regulating the stress hormone and inducing a calming and relaxing effect on the brain.

    It also helps in regulating mood-related disorders like stress. It moderates hormonal production to bring back a homeostatic balance into their brain. It also stimulates their appetite and brings relief to any bowel syndrome.

  3. Reduces epileptic seizures

    Epilepsy and seizures are dangerous brain conditions caused by impaired electro-chemical activity in the brain. It can be due to acquired brain trauma or injury. During attacks, seizure causes violent convulsions all over the body.

    To this day, there is still no known cure for epilepsy and seizures that affect both humans and animals.

    CBD oil does not eradicate epileptic seizures but it reduces its symptoms, severity, and occurrence. It is a suitable alternative treatment for seizures as it does not have any long-term side effects.

    The traditional drugs used to combat epileptic seizure has serious adverse effects on cats like kidney and liver failure, pancreatitis, allergic reaction, and anemia.

  4. Improves skin and coat

    CBD oil improves your cat’s coat and revives its natural shiny nature. It also combats the symptoms caused by hypersensitivity reactions like itchiness and red blots.

    Every cat is different. It is wise to consult first for the educated advice of a veterinarian before giving CBD oil and other forms of medication to your cat.


There is still further research to be made regarding the use of Cannabidiol oil. But, its insurmountable medical benefits will surely improve the overall wellness of our beloved cats.






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Is CBD Oil For Cats Effective?

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