Motivation & Perception

Motivation & Perception

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Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 91)

In spite of all scientific developments and improvements in our logics, majority of us still believe in luck. Whenever you fail to Accomplish Your Dreams, we subscribe our failure to our bad luck. In other words, consciously or unconsciously, through our thoughts, beliefs and actions, we create our own realities. Sometimes we are not conscious of our own creation, hence, […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 89)

Today, the 1st December, we observe The World Aids Day which was started same day in the year 1988 for increasing awareness, fighting prejudice and improving education against this disease. No other word engenders as much fear, revulsion, despair and utter helplessness as AIDS. It is, in fact, rewriting medical history as humankind`s deadliest scourge. With 40 million deaths forecast […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 88)

It is being observed, more and more youngsters are gravitating towards religion. Why so? What do they mean by religion? Is it due to some fear or insecurity that is pulling them to religion? Generally, a religion is a system of human thought which usually includes a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices that give meaning to the practitioner’s […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 84)

Generally, you meet two types of personalities in your normal working. Some of them are good and some are not good. The recognition and development of good qualities will lead you to freedom from bondage and pain. Negative qualities on the other hand lead one into bondage, resulting in sorrow and dependency. The positive and the negative are present everywhere […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 80)

As we are aware, the images, thoughts, and emotions that pass through our bodies during sleep which we see in our dreams greatly influence our outlook on life. Our dreams are generally of two types – some circumstances which have already been witnessed by us might have been stored in our subconscious part of mind. Some futuristic imaginations we make […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 79)

Change is the principle of the nature. When you do a job continuously in the repeated process, you gain some expertise but soon, you wish to make some change feeling bore “again, the same job – nothing new”. You look for some change, for some better prospect since you start to feel stagnant in your current job, current business line. […]