Motivation & Perception

Motivation & Perception

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Yoga can Make You Healthier

Amidst growing concern about the spread of the H1N1 virus world over, many have turned to Yoga and Ayurveda for prevention and even a possible cure. Yoga practitioners claim it can help combat swine flu by improving your overall health. Forward bending asans help to drain phlegm, backward bending asanas would build confidence, sideways bending would exercise intercostal muscles increasing […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 73)

Most people don’t know what they think about during the day, but those very thoughts that you have everyday shape and create your life. So what do you think about? What were you thinking about before you started reading this post? What were you thinking about an hour ago? Being aware of your thoughts, knowing what you’re thinking about is […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 71)

Whenever we conceive our dreams, we plan to accomplish them. In that process, we count on our tangible and non-tangible assets, our sources and our contacts to supplement. Our own virtues play a great role in our working. Some understand that our virtues are inherited from our ancestors. That can be true to certain extent but it very much depends […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 70)

Yesterday, I mentioned about the role of positive associations for accomplishing the dreams and facilitating your study and make beneficial changes within you easier to accomplish. A light trance may be induced within you as you read. This is perfectly safe and beneficial. Doing it is very easy to perform: all you have to do is relax a little and […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 69)

We understand that virtues play a great role in forming our character, our goodwill and our status. We need to identify as to which virtues are in abundance within us and how the other ones can be further groomed up, nurtured further and/or developed. I had so far been concentrating upon elemental virtues they themselves are formed from combinations of […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 68)

Yesterday, we have been discussing about the role of virtues in accomplishing our Dreams. This is in furtherance to that. When you wish to Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to affirm silently to yourself that you are loveable, you deserve to be loved even when in error. Forgive yourself for past sins. Allow yourself to feel new and act differently […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 67)

What do you do to Accomplish Your Dreams? Your attention immediately goes to material things. Have you ever thought of the inner qualities of your nature? Never, then, how to harness them to the optimum level of their utility is perhaps out of imagination due to ignorance or your innocence? Some time we do not attach any importance to our […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 65)

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to possess some human qualities like acceptance to consider circumstances, especially those that can not be changed, as satisfactory, bravery- A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear, caution to Avoid rashness with attention to safety, curiosity to find out and know things, defiance to wrong practices […]