Motivation & Perception

Motivation & Perception

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Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 105)

It is said that it is very easy to conceive a dream, but it is very difficult to implement that dream. No, it is not so. When you conceive a dream on realistic ground after thorough examining and ascertaining your resources, your capabilities, your priorities and your confidence, you can accomplish them easily. However, fear of failure is one big […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 102)

Whenever we conceive a dream and take action to accomplish that, we feel certain that after accomplishing that dream, we would become a different person, different in the sense that we have achieved something which was earlier in the conception stage. Now, we can take action on something else. Most of the time, this all happens externally only. We do […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 98)

With the advancement of civilization, man started to form communities and felt to regularize the living in such communities. In course of time, such regulations came to be known as religion. Religion means code of living with attachment of spiritual values. It is the foundation for the welfare of humanity. It is universally agreed upon that all the wealth he […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 95)

Every one of you dreams of being a happy person – it is very natural. You look for pleasure and happiness from every relationship. Your response to life depends largely on what you learn in your childhood through your parents, in the company of teachers, relatives, friends and others when you grow up. With the advancement of technical advancements in […]

Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 93)

As you think to Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to build bridges of kindness, understanding, compassion and harmony. There is a good mention in “Shri Ram Charitmanas” an ancient epic and important part of the Hindu religion. Lord Rama stood facing the ocean. Thoughts of His wife, Sita were tormenting Him. His army had already arrived and Vibhishana had come […]