Mind & Body Health: 3 Essential Tips for a Successful 2020

Mind & Body Health: 3 Essential Tips for a Successful 2020
Mind & Body Health: 3 Essential Tips for a Successful 2020

Mind & Body Health: 3 Essential Tips for a Successful 2020 : Every year you likely make a promise to yourself to put yourself first more often, prioritize your health, and become the best version of yourself. While that’s a lot to tackle, it’s not too late in the year to start taking steps toward achieving those goals.

Whether your number-one resolution was to lose weight, take more “me time”, or address mental health challenges, you’re on the right track just by reading this article. To get on the road to better mind and body health, start with these 3 essential tips for a successful 2020:

  1. Carve Out More “Me Time”

    First things first, if you want to focus on accomplishing your goals this year, you need to have the time to do it. Whether you’re a working woman by day and a doting mother of two by night or are hustling working multiple jobs to get your business off the ground, time is likely a limited resource. But that changes now—kind of. While you can’t make more hours in a day, you can rearrange your schedule to carve out “me time”.

    Once you figure out how to fit it into your day, decide what you’ll do with it. Will you take a moment to reflect on your day, relax your mind, read a motivational book, or even work out? Whatever you do with this time, make sure it’s working towards one of your goals. We’re confident that once you start taking some “me time” you won’t be able to figure out how you ever went without it. And, you’ll likely feel much more fulfilled with how you’re spending your days. Not sure what you can do to wind down? Here are a feel of our favorite “me time” activities:

    • Go to the movies alone (or find a quiet space to watch your favorite guilty pleasure at home)
    • Do your favorite hobby (Whether it’s painting, baking, or crafting, take some time to do what makes you happy)
    • Take a nap (play some peaceful music in background to help you drift off)
    • Go for a walk (bring your dog if you have one)
    • Getting a massage (Did you know regular massages can reduce anxiety and boost your immune system?)
    • Yoga classes (or videos at home)
    • Take yourself out for a nice mealIf you really want to get some next-level “me time”, take a trip somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go—and do it solo to really give yourself some space from the demands of life and relationships. If you’re not really a lone wolf, consider making it a girls’ trip so you can reconnect with your other busy friends.

      Carve Out More "Me Time"
      Carve Out More “Me Time”
  2. Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Help

    What do we mean by that? Well there are plenty of resources at hand to achieve your goals and you shouldn’t be afraid to turn to them. The kind of help that’s beneficial could really be anything from an informational blog to a support group. Other useful tools and resources to keep you on track include:

  3. Take Advantage of Technology

    Now more than ever, doing things efficiently and using the tech tools available to you is a serious life-hack. When you’re working toward your mental and physical health resolutions, look into what advanced solutions are available to help make your dreams a reality (with as little work on your end as possible). You’d be surprised what’s out there.

    Here are some of our favorite tech-related wellness solutions:

    • The Noom app for developing healthier habits (they even have customized plans)
    • BetterHelp online-based counseling services
    • Headspace for meditation and mindfulness
    • The 30 Day Fitness Challenge app if you like short-term goals
    • Freeletics AI coach for bodyweight-based workouts
    • MyFitnessPal for tracking your meals
    • ClassPass fitness pass for those who get bored doing the same workout
    • Sleep Cycle for better sleep
    • The Fooducate app which offers nutritional education and health tracking

Starting with these tips, you can find ways to do more for yourself to make sure your needs are met and you’re feeling more fulfilled than ever. Now’s your time to focus, revive, grow, and create your own happiness!






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Mind & Body Health: 3 Essential Tips for a Successful 2020

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