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Fabulous Fall Wedding

Fabulous Fall Wedding

Fall is a romantic time to get married. It’s the season of earthy colors, beautiful fall foliage, family hayrides, and warm apple pie. If you’re planning a fall wedding, here are four tips to make your big day a success.

Surviving Your First Year of Marriage

Surviving Your First Year of Marriage
Surviving Your First Year of Marriage

They say the first year of marriage is the most difficult! This is actually true, even if you lived together before marriage. Marriage is a deep and sometimes complex commitment that you cannot compare to other relationships. If you are looking for some helpful tips for surviving your first year of marriage, take a look at the tips below!

First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

If you are struggling to select a first dance song for your wedding and do not want to give in and dance to an over-used, cliché song, an alternative first dance song may be perfect for you. Here, find five alternative first dance songs that can make your wedding reception all you dreamed it would be.

Signs You Are Getting On His Nerves

Have you ever wondered if something you’re doing is annoying your boyfriend? There are some things that a woman will do because she thinks her boyfriend will enjoy it. It’s often those exact things that her boyfriend will be annoyed and frustrated by. Check out 8 things that you might do that are getting on your boyfriend’s nerves.

Ideas for Wedding Gifts Your Fiancé Will Definitely Like

Ideas for Wedding Gifts Your Fiancé Will Definitely Like
Ideas for Wedding Gifts Your Fiancé Will Definitely Like

Choosing the best Wedding Gifts for your fiancé can seem like a big challenge, but there are actually a lot of awesome wedding presents your groom will definitely love.

Reasons to Call Off Your Wedding

Making the decision to call off your wedding can be one of the hardest things you ever have to do. Sometimes people ignore warning signs because they are afraid of embarrassment or because they are so much in love. But it is wise to be aware of problems before getting married. Otherwise, a quick divorce or an unhappy marriage may follow. Here are a few reasons to call off your wedding.

Planning a Beautiful Fall Wedding

Fall is the most beautiful and romantic period for getting married. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, and spring can bring some allergy problems. I think fall is the perfect time to plan a wedding. Personally I want to get married in the fall, because the weather is crisp, and the fall colors are breathtaking! If you are planning to have your wedding in the fall, here are some splendid tips for planning a beautiful fall wedding!

Reasons Couples Stay Together

There are plenty of reasons why so many couples stay together after their love actually fades away. Some reasons may seem selfish and other reasons are just meant to please others. These reasons might be stopping both members of the couple from being happy. And if some of these unhealthy reasons couples stay together after their love fades away applies to you, you should think about ending the relationship.

Qualities to Look for in Your Future Husband

I’m not a dating coach, but I think every woman should know basic qualities to look for in a future husband. If you are on the dating hunt, make sure your standards are set. Sure, nobody is perfect, but these ideas will give you a baseline of what to look for. So, read on to learn some must-have qualities to look for in your future husband.

Life Situations When You Should Step Back

There are some real-life situations when you need to decide whether to take a step back, or continue what you are doing. The decision is not always easy, but you should make it. Check out a list of life situations when the sooner you take a step back, the better.

Ways to Ask Your Boyfriend to Marry You

Are you wondering whether it’s okay to be the first one to propose marriage? In fact, in most relationships a woman initiates marriage talk. There are many men who are afraid of marriage, since it involves lots of practical aspects along with planning (both socially and financially), so they will bide their time even if they’re committed to the relationship. Check out a few ways to ask your boyfriend to marry you.

Signs He Is Just Using You

It’s not difficult to know when he is using you for sex, for your money or even for a place to crash, but many women do get blinded because of their love. Just because you’re in love with a guy doesn’t necessarily mean that he is also in love with you. When he is using you, it means that your relationship is abusive and not conducive. So if you have a feeling that he is just using you, here are a few signs to look out for.

Tips for Beating the Post-Wedding Blues

Just because your wedding and honeymoon is over doesn’t mean your romance has to leave and your new reality has to stink. It was never about your wedding or your romantic getaway. It was always about your marriage. Check out a few tips for beating the post-wedding blues!

Perfect Wedding Color Combinations

Choosing wedding color combinations is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. A color scheme to your wedding will set the overall mood of the big day, that’s why it’s so important to choose the right wedding color scheme. Here is a list of 7 perfect wedding color combinations you may want to try.

Craziest Wedding Ideas

If you are looking for something quirky or unusual about your special day, you might have already looked into numerous themes that will make your wedding stand out. If you have not found a perfect theme yet, don’t worry! Check out some of the craziest wedding ideas!