The Total Gym XLS for Chronic Pain and The Elderly

The Total Gym XLS for Chronic Pain and The Elderly
The Total Gym XLS for Chronic Pain and The Elderly

The Total Gym XLS for Chronic Pain and The Elderly : “The Lean, Mean Exercise Machine” coined by Chuck Norris thoroughly defines the ability of this machine. Worried you aren’t a bodybuilder like the famous Chuck? Well, with this machine, it is simply not an issue!

Used in many physical rehabilitation clinics, the XLS is known for its patience with injuries, strains, and aches, alleviating pain and strengthening the joints and muscles.

Let’s talk about those older folks with chronic pain, arthritis, and injuries- they usually have the mindset that it is dangerous to work out because of the possibility of straining a muscle or even breaking a bone. We all have a family member or two in this category; we probably don’t even think twice about their chronic pains or internal struggles with exercise unless we see them hunched over in pain, barely able to get up. At this point, it’s usually a long road back to getting active and maintaining mobility. Well, with equipment like the XLS that’s light on the joints and easy to get started, this could be a saving grace for some.

The reason the XLS is such a great choice for those with injuries, pain, and arthritis, is because of its low impact system. This means that when you are using it, it does not strain your muscles and joints, leaving you feeling achy and sore. When you are done with your routine, getting off and continuing your day will be easier than when you didn’t work out! You will feel as if you just stretched in a hot sauna and went for a high heart rate walk.  Because of this, I always recommend this and the other Total Gym machines to those with chronic issues or those just moving towards their elderly years!

The Total Gym XLS is anchored by a glide board. This creates fluid motions for every exercise and movement done, creating a seamless routine that gets you right into the swing of things once you being your session. The way this machine works is your bodyweight, position of the machine, and gravity working together to determine the resistance level. The higher the board incline is, the higher the resistance and intensity. The lower the glide board, the lower the intensity. Basically, the more gravity you put on your body, the harder said workout will be. Included with this machine is actually a lot of benefits: over 80 different possible exercises, 6 levels of resistance, and 5 DVDs included! They also include a leg pull accessory, wing attachment, and ribbed squat stand. With these accessories, the variations of your workouts are truly endless. The XLS has a 400 lb. weight limit and requires no assembly.

Regardless of if you are an 80 year-old physical therapy patient or a 30 year-old bodybuilder, this machine is perfect for you. Although we focused mostly on the benefits for those with chronic pain in this article, you can head on over to the Total Gym site to learn more. We hope you found this helpful! Let us know if you decide to purchase this machine and what your thoughts are. With all the different models they offer, our favorite Total Gym is the XLS.







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The Total Gym XLS for Chronic Pain and The Elderly

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