What common health issues working women have to face more often?

What common health issues working women have to face more often?

What common health issues working women have to face more often? Health issues of working ladies must be addressed seriously, for their health matters all of us a lot. If they are healthy, the family is healthy.

The way women play their active role in society, especially in a family set up, determines the shape of the whole social setup. A lot of them are also working ladies besides being wives and mothers. So, they have to work pretty hard on both the fronts, enhancing the amount of pressure on their physical and mental health to maximum.

Sometimes, it does happen that a female worker slips at her workplace and may get her elbow, wrist, fingers, toe or leg broken on the spot. This is an accidental injury which may hit any worker. She must not only be taken care of over there but also be referred to some workers’ comp doctor. Here, we shall talk about the other common health problems which every working woman may have to face in her life. You may call them lifestyle diseases as well.

  1. Obesity

    Irregular meal hours, eating junk food too often, consistent sitting for long hours and having almost no opportunity for exercise cause adverse obesity in most of the working ladies. This in turn causes major health disorders like hypertension, improper cholesterol levels resulting in cardiovascular problems, etc.

  1. Permanent back pain issue

    Working women often keep sitting with an incorrect posture for hours. But, even with the right posture, sitting for too long causes back pain. The weight gained due to obesity may also be one of the major causes of constant back pain. On top of all, no exercise even for months to end encourages back pain issue.

  1. Anxiety, depression and frustration

    Working in an office is not always that easy and may cause utter depression and frustration at times. Task deadline, official conflicts on the part of staff members and long and boring working hours combined together are enough to cause anxiety and extreme tension in the working women. The worst aspect of this problem is that the victim may be caught into mental disorders leading him towards addiction to smoking and drinking which are sure to ruin her health adversely.

  1. Diabetes and heart diseases

    A sluggish and sedentary lifestyle along with the supportive health issues like anxiety, depression and obesity stimulates diabetes and heart disorders to attack the working females. The tension of the office workload is besides, causing a worst harm to their overall metabolism which further encourages diabetes and cardiac issues.

  1. The worst issue of infertility

    Women have been created to create further, but depression, stress of long working, addiction of drinking and smoking, no exercise due to packed lifestyle, rough and unhealthy eating options may snatch this natural blessing from a working woman. She may not conceive pregnancy or carry it along to completion due to a sudden miscarriage.

  1. Lack of sound sleep (Insomnia)

    Stressful mind, tense nerves and scattered, messy thinking deprive a working lady from a full night sound sleep. Sleeping sickness or Insomnia builds a constant pressure on her nerves and, hence, her body and mind cannot take proper rest. These aching body and mind, in turn, lead her to many other health issues.

In the light of all the above said, the best cure to this horrible issue is the quarterly corporate health check up of the female workers on the part of the employers.





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What common health issues working women have to face more often?

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