4 Ideal Supplements for the Military

4 Ideal Supplements for the Military : If you are planning to join the military, public services, navy or any branch of armed forces, you are required to get drug tests to get this type of jobs.

Either you are already in or just joining in, you do continually get drug tested so you just can’t forget this part and hope for the best.

It is best for you to go down the safe route always as much as possible to keep yourself qualified as military personnel.

So what are the most ideal supplements for the military that won’t get you flagged as illegal substance user and what are those supplements that you should avoid?

This is what I am going to talk about in this post and hopefully, it will help you out not just on your fitness program, as well as to your military career.

Ideal Supplements for You

So there are plenty of supplements in the market to choose from. For bodybuilding and fitness, you most likely need pre-workout supplements and post-workout supplements, energy boosters, cardiovascular support, testosterone supplements and much more.

Though most of these supplements are natural and pharmaceutically produced, not all of them are allowed in the military and could even get your application rejected.

So here are the best supplements that won’t just help improve your muscle growth, performance, and energy, but are also safe to use in the military.

Whey Protein Supplements

There are two types of protein supplements in the market – whey and casein proteins, both are derived from milk.

Though casein offers almost similar benefits with whey, experts, athletes and lifters recommend whey more than its sibling counterpart.

Why? Because whey protein is much more popular than casein because of its high digestibility and well-researched muscle-enhancing properties.

Whey is absorbed faster than any other forms of protein. This means that it also promotes muscle protein synthesis increase which is used to break a fasted state.

Whey protein doesn’t work as a fat burner, but taking more protein often supports or aids with fat loss efforts. Plus, even though whey is non-stimulatory, it can still increase your body’s energy production by means of caloric consumption and insulin spike from the amino acids.

Above all, whey protein doesn’t harm the liver or kidneys. 

Amino Acids

If you want a pre-workout supplement that can get spike your energy in an instant, then you need amino acids on your workouts.

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of the body and the best sources of energy, like carbs and fats.

With nitrogen as one of its key components, amino acids are the only chemicals in the body that can form tissues, organs, hair, skin, and of course, muscles.

Amino acids are also beneficial to your brain and neural health, as they are the precursors of enzymes and neurotransmitters.

Aside from promoting muscle growth and strength, amino acids are also used for arthritis, immune system, weight loss, sperm health, cancers, mood, sleep, blood sugar management, cholesterol reduction and many others.

Populardietpills.net suggests dozens of plausible amino acid-based supplements for your workout.


A form of amino acid found mostly in your muscles and brain. How does it work?

Well, your body converts creatine to phosphocreatine and stores it in your muscles where it is used for energy.

This is the reason why people use creatine supplements, to help improve their athletic performance while promote muscle mass increase.

But evidence suggests that creatine supplementation can help improve skin health (anti-aging effects), heart health, and improves exercise capacity.

Creatine is generally safe for athletes, lifters and of course, for people who wants to join the military.

Fish Oil

If you want to get ripped physique, you better have an optimal cardiovascular health, and fish oil can help!

Easily obtained by just eating fish, most people take supplements instead due to unhealthy diet, busy lifestyle, and many other reasons.

Fish oil is FDA approved and proven to help treat various conditions such as high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, depression, inflammatory diseases and many others.

The key compound in fish oil is omega-3 fatty acid, which is proven to help reduce pain and swelling and prevent blood from clotting. These are the reasons why fish oil has been helpful for various heart conditions.

What You Shouldn’t Take

The most obvious substances that you shouldn’t take are primarily steroids.

Steroids are a big problem in the military with thousands of personnel getting caught using each year.

Steroidal drugs can surely elevate your performance and muscle gains, but the results will give you permanent body damage. You definitely don’t want to ruin your career with steroids right?

Next are testosterone boosters. Testosterone boosting products will get your body into its peak, but once you stopped using it your body also stops producing this hormone, which leads to adverse effects.

So whether you are already in the military or planning to join the military and you want to get fit in no time, then the supplements mentioned above will truly help give positive and significant bodybuilding results.

Do you have additional tips on this matter? What supplements do you take?





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4 Ideal Supplements for the Military

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