9 Diet Tips to Eat Like a Keto Nutritionist

9 Diet Tips to Eat Like a Keto Nutritionist : In 2008, a study showed that people on a ketogenic diet lose a substantial amount of weight in a short amount of time. Results like these show why the keto diet is popular among people trying to lose weight and get healthy, but following the Keto diet while still getting the nutrients you need can be hard.

Here are nine dieting tips to make sure you eat like you have access to a private keto nutritionist.

What Is a Keto Nutritionist?

A keto nutritionist is someone who specializes in the ins and outs of staying healthy while maintaining a Keto lifestyle. They create plans and menus which make sure people are getting the nutrients they need while sticking to the diet’s rules.

They do this by looking at the client’s lifestyle, health, and several other factors. This is to ensure the plan they come up with is easy to stick with while not complicating any preexisting health conditions.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

Pick A Keto Plan

There is more than one version of this diet. The four main ones are:

The Standard Keto Diet

It is a very low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat diet. It typically contains 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carb.

Cyclical ketogenic diet

This allows for a few days with higher carb intake. It usually consists of five days standard Keto and two days of carbs.

Targeted Keto

The Targeted Keto lets you eat carbs in and around workouts.

High-Protein Keto

Like the standard Keto diet, but with an allowance for more protein. It looks something like 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbs.

Most people chose either the standard or the high-protein ketos. If you are an athlete or bodybuilder, the cyclical or targeted may work better for you.

Make Sure You Transition Correctly

Unless you are already eating a high protein/low carb diet, make sure you take it slow when you are beginning a Keto regiment, and make use of online resources like this blog https://www.drberg.com/ to help you understand more about this diet and what to expect when you get started. It can take anywhere from two to six weeks to readjust your body from burning sugar to burning fat.

Many nutritionists suggest you transition in phases to make sure you don’t burn out or fall off the program before you can reap any of the benefits. One way to do this is to cut things out of your diet slowly.

Start with artificial and processed foods and go from there.

It can be useful to remind yourself that you don’t have to do this diet forever or give up all your favorite foods all at once. By allowing yourself a little treat every once in a while, you are far more likely to stick with it longer.

Get In And Out of Ketos

Sometimes it is important to give your body a break when it comes to Keto. Like switching it up when it comes to your workout routine, teaching your body to be flexible when it comes to how it sources its fuel can be beneficial to long-term weight maintenance. Make sure you cycle in and out of ketosis to reap the most rewards out of this diet.

Listen To What Your Body Needs

We don’t need to tell you that no two bodies are exactly alike. Listen to what your body needs when it comes to nutrition and the way it reacts to certain foods. For example, some people on keto need to keep dairy as part of their plan, but others don’t. Don’t be afraid to tinker a bit until you find the best version of the plan for your body’s needs.

Quality Is Everything

Since part of Keto is cutting out preservatives and processed food, make sure the food you buy is the best quality you can afford. Look for organic veggies, grass-fed, pasture-raised meat, and wild-caught seafood. Also try to avoid vegetable and seed oils, opting for anti-inflammatory ones instead.

Work on Healthier Lifestyle Habits Too

Remember, diet alone isn’t enough to keep you healthy. Work on making sure you get plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, keeping your keto electrolytes up, and exercising regularly to keep stress at bay. You might also want to consider practicing mindfulness to lower anxiety, which has adverse effects on your health.

Create A Weekly Menu

Planning out your meals helps you stick with any dietary changes you are making. Sit down every week and plan what you will have and create a grocery list around that menu so that you won’t be tempted to buy stuff that doesn’t work with the keto diet plan.

Get the Right Mind Set

How you approach something can impact the outcome. If you go into anything dreading how difficult it will be, you are setting yourself up for failure. This idea is especially true when it comes to your diet.

Instead, focus on staying positive. Think about the health benefits you will get from making this lifestyle choice.

Even framing it as a lifestyle choice instead of calling it a diet can help you stay motivated.

Remember It Isn’t Forever

Most strict diets aren’t sustainable for the long term, and Keto falls into this category. It is important to remind yourself that you don’t have to do this diet forever if you don’t want. Many doctors suggest only sticking with the stricter dietary restrictions until you meet your weight loss and health goals, and then switching to another meal plan which incorporates more food groups.


Like any drastic lifestyle change, make sure you talk to your doctor before going on such a restrictive diet. However, once you get the okay, this list will help you tackle it like you are a keto nutritionist.

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9 Diet Tips to Eat Like a Keto Nutritionist

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