Engagement Party and Ring Trends to Watch Out For

Engagement Party and Ring Trends to Watch Out For
Engagement Party and Ring Trends to Watch Out For

Engagement Party and Ring Trends to Watch Out For : The number of weddings scheduled for 2021 is back to pre-pandemic figures, as found by industry research firm, the Wedding Report. The latter predicts that almost two million weddings will take place this year and in 2022, about 2.5 million couples will say “I do.”

If you are about to pop the question to your loved one, the following party and jewelry trends may provide you with the inspiration you are seeking.

Engagement Ring Trends

Prestigious wedding publication, Brides, recently published their hotly awaited list of top engagement ring trends. One quality that many of these trends have in common is personalization — the selection of styles that brides and/or grooms will actually be happy to wear daily. Just a few popular choices include colored rings (vividly hued diamonds and/or gemstones such as pink, yellow, or blue sapphires), yellow gold, band-style diamond pavé rings (which are fashionable and stackable with other rings), unique rings with personal details, and classical styles with a modern twist. The key is to opt for styles that your partner would love to own even if they weren’t getting married. If your partner is interested in vintage accessories, she might be happy to receive a vintage style engagement ring.

Shopping Virtually for Your Ring

Virtual shopping is also a hot trend, owing in no small part to its ability to save couples time. If you are shopping and want to stay within a budget, conduct research into the locations of your chosen stores. Some states spend more on engagement jewelery — including Vermont, Washington, D.C., Nevada, Colorado, and New Jersey. The five states with the most modest spending, meanwhile, include Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota. While international and multinational brands generally have the same online prices regardless of location, local shops can design different collections and prices depending on demand. Budget-friendly styles to watch out for include classic simple solitaires held together in a classic four- or six-prong design.

Throwing the Perfect Engagement Party

Engagement parties are a perfect time for family and friends to gather together so that wedding guests can get to know each other. One of the hottest trends taking over this fun-filled event is that of sustainable events — those celebrated in eco-friendly spots where potted plants and succulents take over cut flowers for decoration, single-use plastic and paper are avoided, and the food served is made with sustainable, local produce. Additional trends include outdoor celebrations, recycled or upcycled table décor, and eco-friendly welcome bags (containing items like nuts, homemade candy, paraffin-free candles, and therapeutic-grade essential oils). Also ‘in’ are outdoor themed parties like long barbecue lunches, outdoor pizza parties (with pizza cooked in wood-fired ovens), outdoor cinema events, and backyard ‘camping parties’ (featuring tents and a bonfire for roasting snacks and s’mores).
It’s an exciting time for so many couples who may have had to postpone their wedding plans owing to world events. The global health crisis has made sustainability a trend, with couples opting to celebrate their events at eco-friendly spots and preferring outdoor parties for enhanced health and safety. Fun themes are also the order of the day (think American barbecue or Italian pizza parties), as are personalized engagement rings that express brides’ and grooms’ sartorial tastes.






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Engagement Party and Ring Trends to Watch Out For

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