Getting Back into Fitness after a Life-Changing Injury

Getting Back into Fitness after a Life-Changing Injury
Getting Back into Fitness after a Life-Changing Injury

Getting Back into Fitness after a Life-Changing Injury : There are over three million non-fatal injuries in the U.S. every year, according to The American Association of the Surgery of Trauma. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) alone affects around one million people every year and causes up to 90,000 long-term disabilities.

If you have been involved in an accident or event resulting in a major injury, then there is good reason to exercise. A study published by Brainline found that aerobic exercise after TBI had a host of benefits — including improved mood, cardiovascular fitness, and enhanced self-esteem. Of course, you may not be able to start where you left off prior to the injury, but you can work your way up to your previous level and even surpass it with time. You may find the following tips useful in helping you achieve your goals.

Ensuring Your Compensation Rights are Met

After a major injury, you will most likely need time off work. In the case of a mild traumatic brain injury, for instance, you may need around six months to return to work. Before you even think of your fitness routine, ensure your right to compensation and financial support are met if pertinent to your case. As stated by injury legal experts JJS Justice, brain injuries often require long-term medical care and can have a significant impact on your ability to work and overall quality of life. Receiving due compensation can mean being able to afford physiotherapists and personal trainers, who can provide you with personalized care and strategic fitness plans throughout every step of your recovery.

Having Pre-Exercise Screening

It is important for your health professional to go through a pre-exercise screening list with you, to make sure you are ready to exercise and to set training parameters established by the American College of Sports Medicine for someone who has experienced your type of injury. As stated in a recent study, doctors must find the perfect balance between recommending too little and too much exertion. This is because although too much exercise in the recovery stage can impede recovery and potentially cause more damage, rest can also be linked to prolonged symptoms and a longer recovery period. Your doctor will use exertion tests, such as asking you to work out on a bike consistently or with a progressively increased workload. They will test to see if any symptoms arise that indicate a smaller or shorter workload may be more suitable.

Following a Property Designed, Supervised Training Program

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fitness after a major injury. Your health team may prescribe a blend of physical therapy (to improve function and movement) and endurance or circuit training to increase aerobic fitness. After a major injury such as TBI, you may have impairments in balance, coordination, agility, and endurance. Your mood and focus may also be affected. For this reason, it is important that you carry out any training regimen under supervision of professionals who are accustomed to training people who have experienced the same type of injury you have faced.

When it comes to fitness after TBI and other major injuries, finding balance is key. This is because ‘too much too soon’ can delay progress or exacerbate the problem, while too little can delay recovery. Exertion and other tests can help your medical team prescribe a tailored fitness program for you. This may involve a mix of physiotherapy, aerobic, and strength exercises, so get ready for a challenging yet rewarding path back to fitness.





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Getting Back into Fitness after a Life-Changing Injury

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