Be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Being very busy with our work, household chores end everyday troubles we very often forget to be grateful for what we already have. And the Thanksgiving Day is that very holiday when we put all our troubles aside and gather all our family and friends at the dinner table. At that moment every one of us stops for a minute and thinks about all the precious things in life. So here are the eight things I’ll be grateful for this year.

1. Health

The best happiness in life is when you and all your close and dear people are healthy. We don’t appreciate it until somebody gets seriously sick. Health is something that no money can buy and once we lose it, it cant be returned anymore. So lets be thankful for us and our families being healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually.

2. Family

We went through another year which was not that easy if to be honest. I’m thankful for them all being at my side and always ready to help and support. I’m happy that together we can struggle through all the troubles and misfortunes, which happen on our way. Many of my relatives moved to another states but I hope that this Thanksgiving we all will get together at the festive dinner.

3. Good food

Look at what is at the dinner table (or at the list of dishes you’re going to cook) and say thanks for having it now. All the delicious treats you have now may not be there next year. If you are fortunate enough to have a turkey and a pumpkin pie on the table and to have enough of products during the whole year, be grateful. There are many people who struggle to have some bread on the table and some milk in the fridge.

4. Hugs and kisses from my man

Im in the seventh heaven of happiness when my honey comes closer to kiss or hug me unexpectedly and for no reason. I know he loves me and cares deeply about our family. I love him so much and I can't take our relationships for granted. Don't forget to tell your second half how much you love him and be grateful for having such a blessing called a true love.
<h3>5. Snow</h3>
Every winter, when it begins to snow, I
m happy as a child. I can’t explain it! You may say that this white cold stuff falls every year and only adds troubles for us, but I disagree. There is something magical as it covers everything with a white fluffy blanket. I also like playing outside with my kids. And I am thankful for it as it brings me so much happiness and precious moments with my family.

6. Our military

Though it may sound pretentious I say thanks to our military service in all my sincerity. Numbers of young men go to the army annually to pay their debt to their homeland including a few of my relatives. I support them heartily. We are to be grateful to them as we owe our safety and the safety of our kids to them. Let’s not forget to be grateful to our soldiers on guard of our quiet sleep at night.

7. My computer

In a contemporary hi-tech world we can’t imagine our life without various devices, and now I can’t imagine my life without my laptop. I finally bought it this year. I have hardly managed to scrape the necessary sum and it is so dear to me. We have shared one home computer but now I have an opportunity to store all the documents and files in order. It simplifies my life immensely. That’s why I’m grateful for the possibility to have it.

8. Warm blankets

Don’t think I went out of my mind. These are the trifles that make me feel happy (and warm and cozy of course). On a cold evening I adore wrapping in a warm soft blanket with a cup of coffee in my hands. It helps me to relax and to feel myself at home. I’m thankful for that and I wish we all could have some time to enjoy ourselves and relax.

All the blessings we have can’t be taken for granted. Our future is a mystery no one can predict it. So we have to value every single moment of our lives. Thanksgiving Day is the best opportunity to gather all your relatives and share your gratitude, isn`t it?



Be Grateful for This Thanksgiving