How to Build a Cheap Home Gym

How to Build a Cheap Home Gym
How to Build a Cheap Home Gym

How to Build a Cheap Home Gym : There’s no doubt about it: exercising at home with your own gym equipment has some serious comfort benefits. There’s no need to travel to and from the gym, you don’t even have to pack a bag, and you can listen to your favourite songs without earbuds. For many individuals, home is also a comparison-free zone as gyms can feel a bit daunting, especially when you’re new to fitness.

There’s a lot you can do with some cost-effective home gym equipment. In reality, you don’t have to spend any money at all – there are plenty of ways to get into cardio and strength training using just your body weight as resistance.

However, having some bonus equipment at your fingertips gives you more exercise choices, helps you to gain resistance as you get stronger and adds more variety to your workouts so you won’t get tired of the endless routine. Here is a list of top 10 gym equipment manufacturer from where you can get best quality of workout equipment for you new home gym.

Olympic Barbell

The Olympic barbell is the piece of equipment we suggest should be of the highest quality in the gym. You’ll probably be using the barbell more than other pieces of equipment in your gym and there are significant differences in durability and performance between the cheap steel rods that some manufacturers mark as barbells, and a high-quality barbell. Most people, especially those focusing on their overhead presses, benches, squats, and deadlifts, recommend the barbell.

Exercise Mat

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat

Generally, a yoga mat or an exercise mat makes floor workouts much more convenient, whether you do abdominal practice on your back or knee push-ups. Opt for a thicker mat, particularly if you’re working on a hard floor. Besides, it’s a good way to ensure you have at least a rectangle of gym-session, designated space. Your mat can also be taken to the beach or backyard for an outdoor workout.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are ideal because they’re inexpensive, lightweight, and don’t take much space to store. Resistance bands are a great way to add an extra challenge to lower-body exercises. These small, but powerful bands can significantly take your glute exercise routine to another stage of development, so try some clamshells, side squats, or glute bridges with resistance bands around your ankles or under your knees. The closer you tie them, the more difficult the exercise is to complete and the better the workout.


Kettlebells are more dynamic in terms of gym equipment than you could ever think and they’re great for your muscles and your heart rate. You can do traditional kettlebell movements like Turkish get-ups and kettlebell swings, and/or you can add them to traditional strength workouts to mix things up. You can do a goblet squat with a kettlebell, for example, or a walking lunge, moving the kettlebell under your front leg as you move forward.

Medium-Weight Dumbbells

A collection of dumbbells opens up a window of possibilities when it comes to home workouts: use them to do independent strength exercises such as bicep curls, increase resistance by using them in compound exercises such as lunges and many more. Not sure what weight? Try a medium set of dumbbells at first. Although this means various weights depending on your level of fitness, between eight- and ten-pound dumbbells are a good starting point.

And while getting lighter weights for exercises targeting smaller muscle groups is fantastic, you can get crafty without them if you’re on a budget. Try lighter exercises using household items, like shampoo bottles and soup cans or bags of sugar or flour. Heavier dumbbells are harder to reproduce around the home, so they can be more useful to purchase.

Heavy Dumbbells

We also recommend getting a bigger pair of dumbbells for extra fitness challenges. When doing exercises that work the bigger core muscles like dumbbell deadlifts or squats, you can use them instead of your medium-weight dumbbells, as they can take more load. As you get stronger, keeping a set of heavier dumbbells around helps you to improve workouts, even if you cannot do as many with a fifteen-pound dumbbell as you can with an eight-pound dumbbell. Holding good form is more critical.

Flat Bench

Even though most individuals link a flat bench only with the bench press, it can be a dynamic piece of equipment when used creatively. You can use your flat bench for split squats, rows, box jumps, box squats, etc. A standard flat bench provides a solid base, about seventeen inches from the ground, and a strong foam surface.

Jump Rope

A jump rope is the final piece of cardio exercise equipment we would suggest you get to start a budget-friendly home gym. This may sound stupid to those who have not used a jump rope since primary school but a jump rope is a fantastic coordination and conditioning device that can be used for long and short intervals. Besides jumping, sprinting, and running, the simple jump rope warms up your body system and increases your stamina.


Building a home gym that will give you both better workouts and more satisfaction is attainable without spending too much money. What’s more, by working out at home, you’ll also have more time to do things you’d like to do such as inviting your buddies to exercise with you whenever you want without ever worrying about being short of passes at the gym.







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How to Build a Cheap Home Gym

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