Don’t Worry About Death

Many of us keep ourselves, throughout our lives, afraid of death. Every incident causing even a little mental/physical pain makes us leading to fear if that incident may culminate into […]

Have Faith In The Divine Will

When we pray to God, we do it for health, wealth, the longevity of the parents and beloved ones, the safety of the children or that some other desire fulfilled. […]

Take Charge Of Your Life

Sometime when we see that things don’t happen the way we want them to, we name it destiny. This is how we people deal with failure; to console ourselves. Whatever […]

True happiness is within you.

A fool may seek happiness in the distance but a wise person grows it under his feet. Really, true happiness cannot be sought outside of ourselves – not in our […]

Discover Yourself

We all are in this world to experience our own reality, to enjoy and pass the time allotted to us by Him. But most of us reach a place where […]

Make Yourself Lucky.

It is really a matter of chance that some people have all the luck while others never get the breaks they deserve. All the people have almost no insight into […]

Be Creative

To feel true happiness of the heart, you need to give up feelings of your depression forcefully and turn yourself to some creative job to keep yourself busy. You know, […]

You Are Important

It is true. You are an important person. Look back at your past. How has your life impacted others? Don’t dismiss your small contributions as unimportant because the truth is […]

Take Your Decisions Firmly.

It is very much difficult for you to remain undecided on any matter for a long time. You will have to decide either affirmatively or negatively on any matter coming […]

Have confidence in God

Nothing in this world can happen by accident. Someone has to be there to co-ordinate everything happening around us, good or had, since every action has a reason irrespective of […]

Cultivate Your Mind

Once some disciples asked Lord Buddha, “Are you God?” He replied, “No”.“Then,You are a godman?” Again he replied in the negative. “Are you an ordinary mortal?” He calmly replied, “No, […]

Activate Humor and Laughter

Humor, Laughter and Health Laughter activates the chemistry of the will to live and increases our capacity to fight disease. Laughing relaxes the body and reduces problems associated with high […]

Yoga and Children

Yoga exercises are not recommended for children under 16 because their bodies’ nervous and glandular systems are still growing, and the effect of Yoga exercises on these systems may interfere […]

No Depression

If you’ve experienced gloomy moods, you know the toll they can take on your personal and professional life. But are you aware of the negative impact that depression can have […]

Art of Injury Prevention

Don’t tackle a tough physical task if you’re seeing red. Research suggests that being angry may increase a person’s risk of injury nearly seven-fold. About 63 percent of people surveyed […]