Tips for Gorgeous Holiday Makeup

Gorgeous holiday makeup is one of the best ways to look absolutely beautiful during the holiday season. You can be well dressed but without beautiful holiday makeup, your look will be incomplete. Most women think that gorgeous holiday makeup is extremely hard to achieve, however, it actually isn’t. Here are a few tricks and tips for gorgeous holiday makeup that really work.

1. Dramatic look

Dramatic look

Every woman knows that a dramatic look always says gorgeous holiday makeup. Use a bold lipstick color or go for a completely different look on your eyes to achieve a dramatic look. Even a few extra coats of your favorite mascara can improve your usual makeup look. To compliment your gorgeous holiday makeup, do your hair in a slightly fancier style.


2. Smoky eye makeup

Smoky eye makeup

You holiday makeup won’t be so gorgeous without the smoky eye makeup. There are lots of different ways to do a smoky eye. You can use shades of brown or black and charcoal shades. You can even mix a bit purple in. The smoky eye makeup will certainly draw attention to your beautiful eyes.


3. Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner

A black liquid liner is something I always use for the dramatic effect. I think liquid eyeliner looks much cleaner and more beautiful than a gel eyeliner or pencil. If you’ve never used liquid liner, it would be better to practice a little by applying it a few times before wearing it. While it can be a little hard to master, once you do, you’ll love it.


4. False eyelashes

False eyelashes

I personally don’t like false eyelashes but I use them for my holiday makeup. The point is, false eyelashes take any makeup from flat to fab in just a few seconds. Again, it can be difficult to learn to apply false eyelashes, but a little bit of practice will do its work. Besides, maybe you will want to wear false eyelashes more often. Just do a little research and find the best false eyelashes for you. They look so feminine and beautiful that you shouldn’t be surprised when you begin receiving lovely compliments on them.


5. Red lipstick

Red lipstick

A red lipstick is one of the easiest ways to achieve gorgeous holiday makeup. In fact, every woman can wear red, and you are no exception. You simply need to vary your shade a little. If you have naturally cool tones in your skin, it’s best to go with a blue based red. If a woman has warm tones in her skin, it’s better to choose an orange red lipstick. If you decide to wear red lipstick, make sure you don’t overdo your eyes with a dramatic look.


6. Do your makeup differently

Do your makeup differently

If a dramatic look is not for you, you don’t have to do it. Just do your makeup differently for the holidays and nothing more. It can be as easy as switching from lip gloss to lipstick or wearing black liner when you usually don’t. Any new small twist on your normal makeup will definitely give you a boost. Plus, a new look can make you feel beautiful and much more confident.


7. Sparkle


Your holiday makeup will be incomplete without sparkle. You can use a sparkly eye shadow or liner. But don’t choose light colors of the shadow if it’s too glittery, or you will overwhelm your face. A liner with glitter in it can be any color. If you decide to add sparkle to your holiday makeup, it will be better to go with an understated lip.

These tips are tried and true, so don’t hesitate to use them. Following these tips will help you achieve gorgeous holiday makeup easier and faster. Do you have your own tricks for beautiful holiday makeup? Share them with us, please.



Tips for Gorgeous Holiday Makeup