Ways to Treat Wrinkles and Reduce Signs of Aging

Ways to Treat Wrinkles and Reduce Signs of Aging
Ways to Treat Wrinkles and Reduce Signs of Aging

Ways to Treat Wrinkles and Reduce Signs of Aging : Aging is natural and part of life. Everyone will get wrinkles and smile lines at one point in their life. But do you know how to delay the aging of your skin? It would be amazing if you can do so. From home remedies to high-end anti-aging creams and serums, you have endless options to treat your wrinkles and make your skin luminous and youthful.

Taking care of your skin daily will prolong its aging and your skin will look more fresh for a longer period.

How Do Wrinkles Form?

Several factors contribute to the aging of the skin. Once the aging process starts, you can observe wrinkles forming on the face and neck.

How to Remove Facial Wrinkles?

Having lines on your face is not inevitable, you can reduce them by having skin treatments. There are various types of treatments that you can choose from. For example, you can select between home remedies, over the counter topical creams, or using advanced anti-aging devices.

No need to panic over signs of aging. We have some helpful tips through which you can reduce your signs of aging and delay the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.

Following are some anti-aging solutions for your skin:

  1. Anti-wrinkle Devices

    The evolution of technological science has developed effective and easy-to-use anti-aging devices. These are the beauty tools that were specifically used in beauty centers but are now available to the masses. Therefore, you will be able to use these devices at home, without visiting a beauty salon or consulting a beautician.

    One important thing to remember is to learn everything about the anti-wrinkle device before buying it. Weigh all the pros and cons of using such a device. Additionally read their reviews online to make sure that a specific device is effective in reducing wrinkles and is not just a gimmick.

  2. Ultrasound Technology

    Anti-wrinkle devices with ultrasound technology come with a high-performance sonic vibration system. This sonic vibration helps tone the skin by stimulating elastin, thus restoring the elasticity and suppleness of the epidermis. The goal is to eliminate wrinkles on your face while promoting cell regeneration and growth. This technology presents almost no risk and offers several advantages to its user.

  3. Electro-stimulation Technology

    This medical technology uses electrodes to fight against aging of the skin. The electro-stimulation tools are very easy to use and see small electroshocks in the skin. This process involves giving electroshocks to the skin which gently stimulates and tone the subcutaneous muscles of your face. The effects of this electro-stimulation are effective and the device is practically painless with a visible result after a few sessions.

  4. Light Therapy (photo-stimulation)

    Red light and blue light therapy are now being used to remove unwanted signs of aging from your face. For anti-wrinkle treatment, the red LED light is used. However, blue is used to treat acne pimples.

  5. Cryotherapy

    The use of ice-packs to reduce pain and swelling from the body has been commonly practiced over the years. However, new technologies use cold to treat the signs of aging skin. Cryotherapy diffuses the cold over the skin, between 3 and 5 ° C to stimulate the contraction of the skin muscles. This makes the skin tissue firmer. Over time, your skin loses its elasticity and there is a relaxation of the muscles.

  6. Pulsed Light Therapy

    This technology also relies on light sources to eliminate signs or folds of skin aging. Here, the light is directly projected on the epidermis in a successive flash, thus producing a heat that stimulates the skin cells responsible for the production of elastin and collagen. This production, therefore, has a lifting and anti-wrinkle effect, which allows you to fight against the aging folds of your skin.

  7. Microdermabrasion

    It is one of the best-known technologies in the field of facial care. Microdermabrasion technology has won over professionals and dermatologists. Skin cells regenerated, your skin regains its youth and radiance. Your epidermis is not only regenerated but also rid of all its impurities, including dead cells.

  8. Thermal Energy

    We have discussed a device that uses cold to fight wrinkles and aging of the skin. In the case of thermal energy, it uses heat to reduce wrinkles and makes your skin more firm and plump. The heat promotes oxygenation of the epidermis, facilitating the production of collagen. As for the cold, it contains the skin. Thus, thermal energy technology combines cold and heat for an optimal result.

  9. Oxygen Machines

    The effectiveness of this technology has attracted the attention and curiosity of several stars like Madona, Naomi Campbell, and many others. Oxygen machines diffuse oxygen into the cells or subcutaneous muscles, allowing the skin cells to regenerate.

  10. Ionic Technology

    This ionic machine sare similar to oxygen machines. However, ionic technology diffuses oxygen charged with negative ions into skin cells.

    The diffused negative ions optimize the production of collagen and therefore limit the appearance of wrinkles or signs of skin aging.

    Home ionizing devices provide skincare on a smaller level, while those available in institutes offer skin treatment on a larger scale and are rather bulky. It is therefore sometimes preferable to go to an institute for ionic treatments.

  11. Anti-wrinkle Creams

    The use of anti-wrinkle creams also allows you to reduce the signs of aging. The cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical industries have made various creams available to the general public to provide detailed care for each skin type. However, the choice of cream cannot be improvised as each cream is designed for a specific skin type.

    The essential anti-wrinkle active ingredients (antioxidant, vitamin A, sunscreen, alpha-hydroxy acids or AHA) are contained in these products suitable for all the skin types.

    Following are the different types of wrinkle cream:

    • Korean cosmetics and Retinol-based creams
      Numerous studies have produced reports on the anti-wrinkle properties of retinoids and popular Korean Cosmetics. It is a substance derived from vitamin A which works in two ways on the skin. First, it promotes the elimination of dead or old cells from the epidermis while optimizing cell regeneration, and finally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Retinol-based creams are therefore recommended in your fight against aging of the skin.
    • Moisturizers
      As the name suggests, these creams moisturize the skin. They are perfect for all skin types, especially for dry skin. The moisturizer is an essential cosmetic product for skin health. There are several on the market and each cream will be applied day or night. Hydration ensures the vitality of the epidermis while facilitating the regeneration process of skin cells.You will, therefore, have light day creams with UV protection (SPF 15) and thicker night creams for effective absorption of the active ingredients essential for cell regeneration. Besides, these creams are generally rich in hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and vitamins.
    • Fruit Acid  Based Creams
      Fruit acids are essential when you want to fight the wrinkles of aging on your skin. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are derived from apples, oranges, and many other fruits. They are also found in sugar. AHA-based creams are very effective against skin aging because this substance promotes the dissolution of skin lipids in an epidermal exfoliation process.Besides, this component eliminates dead cells and optimizes cell rejuvenation or regeneration. The main alpha-hydroxy acids are glycolic acid (sugar cane), lactic acid (milk), citric acid (orange, lemon), malic acid (pear, apple) and tartaric acid (grape). AHA creams based on glycolic and lactic acid are considered to be the best on the market because of their high efficiency.

There are several benefits of using an anti-aging treatment. All skin types are benefited by these AHA creams. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor or an aesthetician before applying the creams directly on to your skin. Because you never know you might be allergic to some ingredient in the cream which can cause redness on your face.


We all have different skin types. A specific treatment that suits a person might not suit you. You have to do your research according to your skin type to select which anti-aging treatment to go for. Its recommended consulting an aesthetician before applying any cream or having a skin treatment done. Hopefully, the above tips will guide you to have better-looking skin.






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Ways to Treat Wrinkles and Reduce Signs of Aging

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