What Does Your Wine Choice Says About You

What Does Your Wine Choice Says About You : There are a lot of tales that surround someone’s personal character. While some say that it is the month you were born, others will insist that it’s the position of the planet. The Japanese, for instance, believe your blood type helps shape your personality.

What about you? What is your take on the character? As a wine enthusiast, I believe nature is shaped by the type of wine we taste. They say if you want to know someone, you should have a drink with them. But to really determine a person’s character, you will need to have several drinks with them. Besides helping us lower our guard, the type of drinks we indulge in tells a lot about our personality.

  • Riesling

    If you have had the pleasure of tasting a Riesling, then you know that it’s a very drinkable white wine. It is delightful and sweet and doesn’t overwhelm the drinker. If I were to define you by drinking Riesling, I would say that you are very kind, genuine, and hate conflict. You are also reliable and always keep your word. Your friends can count on you whenever they need your help or advice. Generally, you are fantastic and useful in many ways. I think that is why it pairs well with desserts or sweeter dishes.

  • Chardonnay

    This type of wine is bold with a distinctive flavor. Those who are into this wine most likely make it their first choice. If Chardonnay is your type of wine, you are kind of a person who is always updated with the latest trends, and you embrace full-heartedly the people and the things you love. Another thing about you is that you are still firm and confident with the choices you make, and it’s hard to convince you otherwise. The right word to define you is “brassy”, the sort of a person who would shout “I will a have Chardonnay” even if you haven’t looked at the menu. It’s hard to take you out of the comfort zone.

  • Rosé

    The perfect character definition for a person who likes Rosé is a girly-girl. Your feminine charm and style have men drooling over you. You are also quite bubbly, making you an ideal guest at any party. Since you are jovial and easy to get along with, and it is often a pleasure to sip on.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    Known as the King of Reds, loyalty is what this wine represents. If you are wondering what this wine is all about, it is a vibrant red and those who love it like attention to detail. They are reliable, assertive, and like to confront people and situations head own. This lot likes to be heard and command attention in a room or crowd. You want to state clearly where you stand though you can be stubborn sometimes. What makes people run to you for advice, support, and help is the firm grip that you possess.

  • Merlot

    Merlot passes on as an easy to drink wine, and those who prefer its taste in their mouths are also easy to get along with. People enjoy a table conversation with you, whether it’s a small gathering or a big party. You are always packed and ready for anything. Compared to those who prefer Cabernet, you can adjust to any situation that life brings. It brings out the sensuality in you and like the dark plums and chocolate tones of your liquor; you are very passionate.

  • White Zinfandel

    This wine is a watered-down version of its counterpart the red-necked, Red Zinfandel. I don’t know if this is a good characteristic, but in my opinion, this is one of the sneakiest of all the wines. Although it’s light and refreshing, as soon as you gulp down a glass, your head starts spinning. As it has a has a high alcohol content. The lot that likes this wine is always free-spirited and like to socialize. You are wild and untamed, forever the life of the party. Always looking for the next adventure and love to try out new things. A life lived to its fullest is your motto.

  • Pinot Noir

    It’s a beloved wine that is known for its sophistication and popularity. Those choosing this kind of wine are classy and always like to work hard to accomplish greater things in life. You command appreciation from those around you because of your smart choice. Don’t be fooled; this lot works hard, and the party’s hard. Whether you are a man or woman, you always win the hearts of your social peers.

  • Malbec

    Malbec is layered and intense, just like your off the charts confidence. The wine is deep and soulful and those who indulge in this wine like to engage themselves in long, heart to heart conversations that are sincere and thoughtful. If you are into this red wine then your choice of friends is very few but extremely close. You hate befriending everyone just for the sake of it.

  • Sauvignon Blanc

    This is another sophisticated wine that is quite blissful. Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing wine that pairs a well with a wide range of food. Translated to personality, those who enjoy this wine want to be leaders among their packs. They would refer to themselves as the alpha dog of the pack. They command attention on many occasions they attend. They like to solve complex issues and want to engage in meaningful conversation.

  • French

    Although this one is hard to swallow, it’s a profound wine that deserves all the respect. If you prefer a glass full of this wine, then your quest is to travel to a foreign land. This is your dream, and you won’t rest until you fulfill this adventurous hunt.

  • Champagne

    This type of wine is for those who consider themselves conquerors or winners. It’s also for individuals who like to live in the first lane, exploring what life has to offer. Champagne is typically a carbonated white wine. Champagne lovers either consider every day as a party or every day as a new celebration. They aspire for the superior things in life, goal-oriented, or dress to kill.

  • Moscato

    This wine is preferred by those who are young and wild, usually in the early twenties. This sweet, bubbly wine leaves a burst of flavors in your mouth. Moscato is meant for the young and restless who like to party until the sun comes up. They are canny, love animals, and romantic comedies.

  • Shiraz

    Shiraz is the kind of wine that is for a sophisticated lot. It is for those individuals who are always out and about, looking for fun activities with full-on high spirits. If you love this wine, you are the type of person who will act and think about it later. Getting on top of the table and dancing like crazy is all about Shiraz lovers. Traveling is what you love, and you can quickly get along with any crowd or culture.


There you have it; your wine and your personality. I hope you found your perfect wine match. No matter what your wine preference is, it’s always good to enjoy wine with friends and loved ones, and maybe see what their wine choices say about them! Cheers!





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