From festivals in Florida to touring Dracula’s digs in Romania, we round up the best destinations to visit this October. As summer abandons Europe again this October, eke out the last of the rays and raves in Ibiza, where nightclubs will be going out with a bang for the winter break. When the party finally stops head to the island’s north.

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Keep Your Mind Open

Imagine how your life could improve if you could shift your state of being, attitude and mindset gracefully and easily anytime you choose even during the period of recession all over the world. You know! Even this recession has come like a boon to many persons in the world around. The difference lies in the approach. Those who are active […]

Enjoy Your Achievements Fully

Generally, our desires denote two powerful motivations in life, we may acquire something and enjoy that thing to fulfil our desire. We want to acquire whatever we desire from the world and for that purpose, we invest our energies, our resources, our time and fix up our priorities. And once we acquire, we wish to enjoy what we have acquired. […]

Manage Your Mind Carefully

Imagine, you are passing through a dense forest in a cloudy evening. Darkness is increasing every moment followed by thunders and storms. There is some lightening also. With the sounds, you get horrified but there is a ray of light also. The time you feel that this is not going to happen for a long time, you reconsolidate yourself and […]

Change Your Attitude

Sometime, we feel depressed with the happenings around us. It appears that somebody is doing something wrong with us or we are somewhere wrong. We try to find out the reason. But we get confused, perhaps due to our pre-biased thinking. That is why we feel that everything is not happening in our favour. We are doing our best. We […]

Get rid of ill-thoughts

Believe me, our emotional attachment to the materialistic things is the cause of our ill-thoughts. The world would be free of trouble if there were no attachment to the materialistic things. Without attachment, you can’t be jealous. Greed comes because you object too much. Anger is because you love perfection and imperfections anger you. You love yourself too much and […]

Be playful.

The present day civilization has been learning continuously since its advent. It attempts upon new and newer discoveries and inventions for the increase of its comforts. To know is the first step towards transformation. To know and not act on what we know is equal to not knowing. So action is the next step for improvement and, for survival too. […]

Learn to Ignore Bad Things

It is a truth that in response to each of our acts, there are either material rewards or spiritual rewards, if we take the whole scenario in positive terms. Neutrally, we can term that every action has a reaction that can be beneficial or harmful to us, directly or indirectly, immediately or later on. Sometime, we feel emotionally depressed in […]

Destiny Is Your Own Creation

Believe me, your destiny is your own creation. It must not be construed as a curse on humankind. One version of interpreting is directly correlated to your own acts. Your own attitude, your own approach towards life and values decide your destiny. The cumulative factor precedent to actions creates the agony and ecstasy of life. We must look at the […]

You can also be lucky.

It can be a strange question why some people are always in the right place at the right time, while others consistently experience ill fortune? I understand that you too have met such people from time to time. Some of them might be utterly disappointed and some of them could be happy. And the rest might be having mixed feelings. […]

Enjoy Your Life Fully

It happens almost with every one of us that when we are enjoying it or bursting with happiness, we do not ask ourselves what is the purpose of our life. No. Only when we get a little bit of some trouble, we do it. We need a purpose to life only when being alive is not sufficient. Right now, the […]

Keep Hope

Once, in a room, there were four candles working together-burning slowly.The ambiance was so soft you could hear them talking. The first one said: “I am peace. However, nobody can keep me late. I believe I will go out soon”. Its flame rapidly diminishes and goes out completely. The second one says: “I am faith! Most of all, I am […]

Take A Short Break From High Techs

With advancement in civilization, man has been striving his best to get new and newer facilities and means to make his life more comfortable and today, it has reached to that stage where on an average he won’t like to conceive his smooth life without them. But some of the inventions made in this direction have, in course of time, […]

Remain Motivated

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This statement stands true when we are witnessing a global slow-down affecting almost all the economies affecting us to some extent directly or indirectly. We need to motivate ourselves, motivate those people who are working for us and those people we are working for. Don’t let down yourself since this phase […]

Feel Self Awareness.

  We are aware that we consciously create our own reality and apply this knowledge to realize all of our wishes. However, while doing so, we also do something subconsciously too; in fact much of the lives that we experience today, whether we like it or not, are a direct result of subconsciously or unknowingly creating our own reality, a […]

Adopt Spirituality with Social Compatibility

Spirituality does not mean that you are thinking about God, liberation and other matters relating thereto. But the thought itself can never be spiritual; it is a psychological process. Similarly, mind, body and emotions are different dimensions of life. There is nothing right or wrong abut them. It all depends on how you use them – but they cannot be […]